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Distances from La Asuncion

Distances from La Asuncion to the largest cities and places in Venezuela. Have a closer look at the distances from La Asuncion to the largest places in Venezuela.

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Distances from La Asuncion to the largest places in Venezuela
Porlamar Porlamar1.87,1208.5 km 5.3 mishow
Juan Griego Juan Griego2.28,25612.5 km 7.7 mishow
Cumana Cumaná3.257,78373 km 46 mishow
Carupano Carúpano4.112,08278 km 48 mishow
Puerto La Cruz Puerto La Cruz5.370,000123 km 76 mishow
Barcelona Barcelona6.424,795135 km 84 mishow
Maturin Maturín7.410,972162 km 100 mishow
Gueiria Güiria8.40,000179 km 111 mishow
Anaco Anaco9.117,596190 km 118 mishow
Cantaura Cantaura10.33,040200 km 124 mishow
San Jose de Guanipa San José de Guanipa11.62,128241 km 150 mishow
El Tigre El Tigre12.150,999243 km 151 mishow
Zaraza Zaraza13.41,483247 km 153 mishow
Tucupita Tucupita14.51,534296 km 184 mishow
Guatire Guatire15.191,903300 km 186 mishow
Altagracia de Orituco Altagracia de Orituco16.40,052305 km 190 mishow
Guarenas Guarenas17.181,612307 km 191 mishow
Valle de La Pascua Valle de La Pascua18.89,080310 km 193 mishow
Santa Teresa Santa Teresa19.278,890319 km 198 mishow
Caucaguito Caucagüito20.52,556320 km 199 mishow
Ciudad Bolivar Ciudad Bolívar21.338,000325 km 202 mishow
Ciudad Guayana Ciudad Guayana22.746,535327 km 203 mishow
Petare Petare23.364,684328 km 204 mishow
Los Dos Caminos Los Dos Caminos24.58,168330 km 205 mishow
El Hatillo El Hatillo25.57,591330 km 205 mishow
Caraballeda Caraballeda26.37,824330 km 205 mishow
Caucaguita Caucaguita27.59,000330 km 205 mishow
Chacao Chacao28.64,609333 km 207 mishow
Ocumare del Tuy Ocumare del Tuy29.166,072335 km 208 mishow
Caracas Caracas30.3,000,000336 km 208 mishow
Baruta Baruta31.244,216336 km 209 mishow
Charallave Charallave32.129,182339 km 211 mishow
La Guaira La Guaira33.25,259339 km 211 mishow
Maiquetia Maiquetía34.52,564342 km 212 mishow
Cua Cúa35.182,558345 km 214 mishow
San Antonio de Los Altos San Antonio de Los Altos36.63,873346 km 215 mishow
Catia La Mar Catia La Mar37.106,822350 km 217 mishow
Carrizal Carrizal38.40,618350 km 218 mishow
Los Teques Los Teques39.140,617356 km 221 mishow
Upata Upata40.53,685373 km 232 mishow
Las Tejerias Las Tejerías41.33,320374 km 232 mishow
La Victoria La Victoria42.87,045390 km 242 mishow
San Mateo San Mateo43.50,401400 km 249 mishow
San Juan de los Morros San Juan de los Morros44.87,739402 km 250 mishow
Cagua Cagua45.119,033405 km 252 mishow
Turmero Turmero46.344,700405 km 252 mishow
Villa de Cura Villa de Cura47.76,614412 km 256 mishow
Palo Negro Palo Negro48.128,875414 km 257 mishow
Maracay Maracay49.1,754,256418 km 259 mishow
El Limon El Limón50.148,247420 km 261 mishow

1 - 50 of 105 places
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