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Distances from Maracaibo

Distances from Maracaibo to the largest cities and places in Venezuela. Have a closer look at the distances from Maracaibo to the largest places in Venezuela.

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Distances from Maracaibo to the largest places in Venezuela
Santa Rita Santa Rita1.31,81018 km 11 mishow
Cabimas Cabimas2.200,81836 km 23 mishow
Lagunillas Lagunillas3.44,25771 km 44 mishow
La Villa del Rosario La Villa del Rosario4.65,01186 km 53 mishow
Machiques Machiques5.62,968123 km 76 mishow
Carora Carora6.93,788176 km 110 mishow
Valera Valera7.93,756187 km 116 mishow
Punta Cardon Punta Cardón8.58,926188 km 117 mishow
San Carlos del Zulia San Carlos del Zulia9.56,582188 km 117 mishow
Punto Fijo Punto Fijo10.131,784192 km 119 mishow
Trujillo Trujillo11.38,110194 km 120 mishow
El Tocuyo El Tocuyo12.53,099222 km 138 mishow
Coro Coro13.195,227227 km 141 mishow
El Vigia El Vigía14.59,092229 km 142 mishow
Quibor Quíbor15.41,526233 km 145 mishow
Merida Mérida16.300,000237 km 147 mishow
Ejido Ejido17.106,915240 km 149 mishow
Barinitas Barinitas18.34,397250 km 155 mishow
Mucumpiz Mucumpiz19.215,259256 km 159 mishow
Barquisimeto Barquisimeto20.809,490259 km 161 mishow
Los Rastrojos Los Rastrojos21.34,636269 km 167 mishow
Guanare Guanare22.112,286274 km 170 mishow
Barinas Barinas23.353,442275 km 171 mishow
Alto Barinas Alto Barinas24.284,289277 km 172 mishow
Yaritagua Yaritagua25.89,662280 km 174 mishow
La Fria La Fría26.27,077282 km 175 mishow
Araure Araure27.73,054290 km 180 mishow
Acarigua Acarigua28.143,704292 km 182 mishow
San Juan de Colon San Juan de Colón29.38,233302 km 188 mishow
Chivacoa Chivacoa30.45,904303 km 188 mishow
Villa Bruzual Villa Bruzual31.27,993311 km 193 mishow
San Felipe San Felipe32.76,766316 km 197 mishow
Tariba Táriba33.27,432324 km 201 mishow
San Cristobal San Cristóbal34.246,583330 km 205 mishow
San Antonio del Tachira San Antonio del Táchira35.32,458330 km 205 mishow
Nirgua Nirgua36.30,188338 km 210 mishow
Rubio Rubio37.51,568340 km 211 mishow
San Carlos San Carlos38.77,192350 km 218 mishow
Tucacas Tucacas39.12,500360 km 224 mishow
Chichiriviche Chichiriviche40.12,500366 km 227 mishow
Tinaquillo Tinaquillo41.82,145372 km 231 mishow
Moron Morón42.44,308374 km 232 mishow
Guasdualito Guasdualito43.30,860393 km 244 mishow
Puerto Cabello Puerto Cabello44.174,000395 km 245 mishow
Valencia Valencia45.1,385,083399 km 248 mishow
Tacarigua Tacarigua46.39,205410 km 255 mishow
Guacara Guacara47.151,752412 km 256 mishow
San Joaquin San Joaquín48.41,630421 km 262 mishow
Guigue Güigüe49.71,530425 km 264 mishow
Mariara Mariara50.105,486428 km 266 mishow

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